Business Administration Major in Marketing Management Jobs

Business administration degrees continue to be the most popular undergraduate degree program in the country. A degree in this field can lead to a wide range of career opportunities.

A Bachelor of Business Management with a marketing concentration prepares students for careers in the area of sales and marketing. A job in this field has an excellent salary and growth expectation.

Marketing Research Analyst

Business management degrees are essential to the success of any company, and a bachelor’s in this field will provide you with a variety of career options. You will learn about business models and management techniques, which can apply to any type of industry. Business administration majors also have the opportunity to focus on a specific content area, such as marketing management or accounting.

A marketing research analyst is a common entry-level position for a business administration major, and it will expose you to the overall marketing process, including new product development, distribution strategies, customer behavior, brand management, advertising management, and sales management. You will gain an understanding of how each aspect of the marketing mix is connected and how to implement them in your work.

Office managers are also a common choice for a business administration major, and you will gain the knowledge necessary to effectively manage a business’s internal affairs. This can include scheduling meetings, managing budgets, overseeing employee training and handling unexpected events. Many large Florida enterprises, such as home security giant ADT and grocery store chain Publix, require this level of expertise from their management. Similarly, professional sports franchises such as the Miami Dolphins and the Florida Panthers require efficient office management from their teams. Whether you are looking to start your business management career in Florida or are already working, there is no doubt that a business administration degree will help you succeed.

Sales Manager

A sales manager oversees the marketing management of a company’s sales department. A degree in business administration with a specialization in marketing management allows students to be prepared for this position. The career requires skills in analyzing data, meeting with customers and providing customer service, as well as strong leadership skills to motivate a sales team.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of job openings for this position is expected to grow by eight percent between 2020 and 2030. Those with a bachelor of science in business administration (BSBA) will gain analytical skills that allow them to take on more advanced and managerial positions than those with a bachelor of arts in business management (BA).

This type of degree also prepares graduates to enter jobs in a variety of different fields because it provides a broader overview of many areas in business. Graduates may also find a degree in business administration helpful for preparing to work as an analyst, accountant, human resources recruiter, financial specialist, marketing manager and more.

A bachelor of science in business administration can also lead to a job as a project manager, which focuses on the planning and execution of projects within an organization. Graduates will learn how to analyze information and provide advice on projects that will improve business processes.

Product Manager

A business administration major in marketing management jobs may also find work as a product manager. This is a unique role that bridges both strategic and tactical business areas. It is responsible for translating a product strategy into planned work — defining what will be built and when. It is also responsible for bridging gaps between departments and aligning teams to successfully bring products to market.

Product managers also interview stakeholders and users to understand their key priorities, capabilities, limitations and overall vision. They then leverage those insights to craft the product features that will deliver value to the user. This requires a lot of communication and coordination across departments, including the marketing and sales teams.

They must be able to manage back-to-back meetings during the workday to stay on top of their team’s efforts and ensure that all members are executing on their roles. They must be able to prioritize and make decisions quickly. They must be able to gather information from all stakeholders and document it in the most efficient way possible, often using SQL or Excel to run data analysis.

SNHU’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program helps students learn the skills needed to succeed in the field. The program is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in accounting, economics and management while allowing them to specialize in their area of interest.

Advertising Manager

The advertising industry is a dynamic one that stays in tune with current marketing and cultural trends. It also requires a combination of management and communication skills, and it’s an excellent career option for those with creative minds.

As an advertising manager, you’ll use your business administration major to develop effective campaigns that are both innovative and strategic. Your responsibilities include establishing and meeting budgets, resource allocation, and project timelines. You’ll also work with other staff members, clients, or an ad agency to establish advertising strategies that will increase buyer interest in products and services.

A good advertisement can help companies of all sizes reach more customers. Whether it’s on a billboard, in an email, or on social media, the right ads can help customers find what they need and decide to make a purchase. Advertising managers will help you identify the key features of your company’s products or services and create ads that will appeal to the most potential buyers.

A business administration degree can lead to a wide variety of careers and positions. It can be used in nearly any industry and can equip you with the tools to solve complex business problems. Explore SNHU’s online business administration bachelor’s program to see how a degree in this field can fit your future career goals. Start your journey today!

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