Getting Started with Cryptocurrencies According to Waqar Hassan

With huge interest in cryptocurrencies all over the world, it is now one of the biggest asset classes for investing. As a result, you can see many new cryptocurrencies that have been invented to help us diversify our investment portfolios. More importantly, cryptocurrencies have very bright prospects as a practical form of digital currencies in the time to come. However, if you wished to purchase investment products which would make you rich in these currencies, the first step would be to learn how to trade cryptocurrency.

This short article is filled you up on all the basics of cryptocurrency trading, which it guides and shows you the necessary step-by-step instructions – as explained by the crypto analyst, Waqar Hassan. Through his years in the market, he has learnt how to show you, a crypto trader beginner, how to do start off and what not to do.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Before you’re poised to learn how to use crypto to your advantage, make sure you understand what it is. For most people, cryptocurrency means it’s an investment. But the truth is that crypto is a form of digital money that has purchasing potential like traditional fiat currencies, such as USD or EUR.

Though some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin had actually made their way to the mainstream of having an actual purchasing power, for others it is still quite far away. Hence for most people who wish to dabble in cryptocurrencies, it is mostly as an investment opportunity. One of the most important features of cryptocurrencies that are worth considering is the liquidity and decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized Currencies

The key feature of cryptocurrencies that separates them from normal fiat currencies is their decentralised nature. All fiat currencies (dollars, euros, etc) are issued, backed and regulated by a central authority. In contrast, cryptocurrencies are created by human ingenuity and digital software, with no intermediaries, allowing every single human equal access to the same facts. This gives cryptocurrency the ability to be nearly impossible to launder money with – all of its transactions are recorded on a public ledger, easily available for regulators to check in. But perhaps more importantly, because of their ability to follow a decentralised ES algorithm, the prices of these assets can rise at a pace like nothing before.


another thing that all traders will take into consideration when trading is the volatility of the market,As there is no centralised body to curb the development of cryptocurrencies, the fluctuation of the market is left completely to the investors of the market. This means that it is very likely that coins could rise in value to a high degree but also fall rapidly. Therefore, what you have to consider when investing in Cryptocurrency is the market’s volatility.

The biggest cryptocurrencies in the market

While hundreds of cryptocurrencies have been introduced over the past decade as crypto captures more of the public imagination, a handful of them have risen to the top and become some of the largest currencies currently in the market.The largest currency on the market is Bitcoin (along with being one of the first), and given its status as the market leader, it often serves to lead the rest of the market by example. Next to Bitcoin, other major cryptocurrencies include:

● Bitcoin

● Ethereum

● Tether


Besides, most of the biggest cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin also happen to be one of the types of cryptocurrencies known as stablecoins. Stablecoins are one of the more secure types of cryptocurrencies because they are less likely to fluctuate as drastically. (They will not always be safer though: it is important to note that stablecoins are backed by high market capitalisation or are underpinned with fiat currency).

What You Should Consider Before Investing In Crypto

There are a lot of rules to follow when you start to trade cryptocurrencies because of a few mental shortcuts of new investors that make pairs inherently confusing. In fact the market can have a small learning curve and therefore you want to think about a few things before you start.

Ceck the Market’s Temperatureh

The first thing at the beginning of the journey is to consider if the market temperature is going to be too cold for any trading. The market can fluctuate or swing without any reason at odd hours and can be very volatile. So much so, that nobody will be able to give a guarantee to how the market will pivot.

However, if you follow crypto news at all properly, then you will be able to spot such recurring patterns that tell you something about how certain types of assets are likely to respond. But only if you follow the information in advance of making your buy.

Develop a Trading Strategy

The second point is that you need a trading strategy. Every trader who is successful, and who continues to make successful trades, would have some form of a trading strategy. The trading strategy is not just what kind of cryptocurrencies you are probably going to invest in, but under what kind of market situations you’d be probably selling those assets. For example, day trading is a very popular pattern of trading when it comes to cryptocurrencies; the reason why is because the market is so volatile that you might be able to make short-term gains on your investment. In fact, to balance out these sorts of patterns, you have to trade in such a way that you haven’t got any long-term crypto investments; all you’re doing is taking these short-term gains from changes in price.

You will, nevertheless, be obligated to try and find a trading strategy that is appropriate for you online, and that’s go better for you than the one outlined above. Aside from thinking about your goals when making a trading strategy, you will also have to consider your budget, and how much money you can make when you are trading.

Be Flexible when Trading

The ideal would be diversifying across the spectrum between short-term and long-term assets, adjust your portfolio as the market dictates, and make sure you are better prepared to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes along.Of course, that needs to be balanced against a more conservative trading strategy that tries to avoid making rash moves.

Getting into Crypto

Luckily, it’s never been easier to get a foot in crypto trading, especially with all these crypto investing platforms available online. Accounting for all of these factors that you can control to improve your performance when you are trading, you can take better calibrated decisions. Admittedly, it could be risky, but then you take control of this risk. The conspiracy between mankind and me is still in place. No matter how determined Constantinos Manolopoulos might be, custody of the password cannot be transferred.


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