5 Reasons to Go For SAFe Certification

Better Salary Package

Earning a SAFe certification can put a few dollars extra in your pocket because companies are constantly searching for ways lower costs and increase productivity. That’s why Agile professionals are in such demand.

Moreover, if you are SAFe-certified Agile professional, you have the scope to work across nations without a relocation, because the certification is accepted globally.

SAFe shows you how to bring Lean-Agile thinking to the enterprise scale so you can be a part of a team that creates a market-leading business. One way to do this is to deliver the DevOps mindset.

In doing so, you will be able to provide business value more frequently, resulting in better product quality, improved customer satisfaction and improved process outcomes by enabling more cross-functional collaboration and taking a more holistic approach to planning. It also empowers you to leverage the power of Lean and DevOps by helping to create a shared context for understanding how to propel the company forward in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

Better Job Prospects

SAFe Certification is a key to a better career, as you will have improved prospects for employers’ looking for Agile professionals to run their transformation journey. As organizations look to successful Agile professionals with valid credentials to advance their goals, this opens new opportunities for you; with your present skills and qualification, you will have a bigger pay package compared to what you would have received otherwise.

SAFe training will teach you how to get buy-in from executives to fund your agile transformation programme, how to identify change agents, how to draw up implementation roadmaps, and how to strike the proper balance between process control held by centralised entities and decision-making power restored to employees after years of outsourcing. It will make your firm ready for change.

Furthermore, you will learn to establish a continuous delivery pipeline to manage large, complex solutions involving multiple agile teams … enabling business agility with increased transit speed and optimal efficiency. In other words, it will ensure that all teams share a common language (‘picture a self-organising team of action heroes deploying plans, reporting metrics and coordinating work in harmony’).

Increased Networking

In addition to this prize coveted credential, you also join a global tribe of conscientious change agents, networking with your SAFe coaches, programme leaders, scrum masters, Release Train Engineers, product owners and so on to share best practices and bask in the glow of your learning, including one-to-one mentorships, pair inspiration and new job opportunities.

Learn the SAFe framework: its values, principles of the agile manifesto, and its practices and patterns. Understand how to develop a lasting, continuous delivery pipeline that keeps your organisation working efficiently on meaningful, working deliverables.

You’ll learn how to use SAFe-speak, statistics and backlog management to build a lingua franca for Agile that calibrates teams to the same strategic vein. You’ll learn how to get executive buy-in and how to use centre-led process control and dis-centred decision-making to govern realistic attempts at scaling Agile. Deliverables include a 1-year complimentary membership to the SAFe community and forum. You’ll also earn yourself a 25 per cent pay rise – if, that is, you’re an Agilist SAFe certified practitioner.

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