Prestige-Coins Review –How It Facilitates Traders in Career Growth

Whenever I talk to ambitious and new traders, I always tell them to think about growth in their career. They always want to talk about new markets and huge profits, while I continue to tell them the reality of the trading world, which is that growing in this market can be quite difficult. You don’t just want to focus on the benefits you are getting today. Instead, you want to focus on long-term benefits, and I want this Prestige-Coins review to tell you how this broker focuses on that.

While the signup process is pretty easy on this platform as well, the true benefit comes when you stay with it for a long time. It continues to make things better for you. Let’s get into the review to know about that.

Dedicated Account Managers

There are features you usually don’t get with other brokers when you sign up with a basic trading account. For example, dedicated account managers are considered a novelty. Firstly, you will not be able to get any account managers for you when you sign up with those brokers. Even if they offer you an account manager, you will quickly notice that these are junior account managers. It’s quite a generous feature and offering from Prestige-Coins that it is letting you get in touch with dedicated account managers right from the start.

You can notice from this feature alone that you are going to have a great career on this platform. You will get the help of an account manager the moment you sign up with the broker. The dedicated account manager will always be there to help you no matter how much you grow while staying on this platform.

Trading Signals and Leverages

Here is another way this company will make things easy and better for you as you continue to stay with it. So, you have the trading signals available on just about any platform you join but only when you pick an advanced trading account. Prestige-Coins gives you access to trading signals even if you go with the Standard Zone account, which is the basic account on this platform. Furthermore, you have these trading signals coming to you through emails. Just wake up every day, look through your emails, and find out which assets you should be purchasing or selling on the market. Of course, this should never stop you from performing your own set of analyses on assets.

So, you will get trading signals no matter which account you pick. The next important thing on the list is the leverage you get on your trades. You will be getting some generous leverages no matter the account type. With your basic account, you have leverages of 1:100 available to you. Move on to the next account on the list, which is called Pro Zone, and you will have leverages of 1:200. Things get even better when you get leverages of 1:300 with the next account on the list.

Decreasing Commissions

So, when you trade on any platform, you have to pay some commissions on your trades. These commissions could replace the spreads or be in addition to the spreads. Prestige-Coins charges you commissions on spreads but the spreads are extremely tight. In fact, there are no spreads with the Standard Zone account. However, as you go higher, you start seeing things becoming more affordable for you. For example, when you go with the Luxury Zone, which is the most advanced account from Prestige-Coins, your commissions reduce to half of what you pay with the basic trading account.

Final Thoughts

You can clearly see that the broker is focused on making things easy for you as you grow in your trading career. Yes, other brokers provide you with great trading features as well, but only when you are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. With this company, the maximum you have to spend to activate the most expensive account is just $25,000.


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