TigersFM Review – A Safe Way to Trade Online

What matters to you the most when you choose an online platform for trading? Do you look at the profits you can make? Or are you more interested in knowing how much leverage you can get on trades? Well, the thing is, these factors only matter when you trade successfully. Leverages and profitability depend a lot on your trading strategies. For me, it’s security that every trader needs no matter the platform and that’s why I am writing this TigersFM review.

I want traders like me to focus on the things that affect them the most. You can always take care of your risk and profit management when you learn trading. However, if your broker isn’t offering you any good security, you won’t get it no matter what. Read my TigersFM review and find out how this platform offers security to its traders.

Adhering to KYC and AML

That’s the first thing you should be paying attention to before you start trading. It does not matter which platform you go for, you still have to see if it adheres to the KYC and AML policies or not. Why do you have to consider this factor? Well, KYC requires you to give out your personal information when you sign up. This ensures that you have a unique trading account with the platform. Secondly, AML policy ensures that only legitimate traders use the platform. In a way, you can say that adherence to these policies means you can sign up on a platform that does not welcome identity thieves and money launderers.

At the end of the day, these policies are designed in your interest. A platform that doesn’t follow these policies is very prone to being audited, investigated, and shutting down for letting illegitimate activities happen on it.

Protecting Your Information and Sign In

There are proper protocols in place for the protection of your information when you sign up on this platform. TigersFM ensures you sign into your account without compromising on its security by adding two layers of security. You first enter a password and then you are sent a code either on your email or through SMS. Once you enter the code, you can access your account. This means if someone steals your password, they still cannot access the platform. Furthermore, the information you provide is also protected using the highest standards of 256-bit encryption.

All the information you enter is protected through 256-bit encryption so it travels safely on the internet lines. Secondly, the company has made sure that the information is kept on secured servers. On these servers, your information cannot be accessed even by the employees working at the company unless they are authorized. The sharing of information is also done under the clauses of the privacy and data sharing policies. These policies have been clearly communicated to you on the website and you agree to them before you sign up with the broker.

Protection of Trader Funds

Another important thing that should matter to every trader in the world is how the broker is going to protect the money they deposit in the account. Of course, you can’t sign up and trade on a platform unless you make a deposit. Where does this money go you may ask? Well, if you have signed up on the right platform, the money will go into a separate account, not in the company’s own account. That’s what happens when you join the TigersFM trading platform. The money goes into an account that has been dedicated for the money deposited by traders. The banks used are regulated and well-known.

Final Thoughts

It’s okay to look at profitability, bonuses, and other perks before you sign up on a platform. However, you can never ignore the importance of the safety of your information and money. You must make sure your platform has some security measures in place to protect those two things. I think TigersFM has proven to have the right system for the protection of every traders’ information and money.


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