Richardson Lewis Review – Granting You Access to Abundance of Trading Assets

Admit it, you are mesmerized by the abundance of options available in the online trading industry. You must find them all to be very attractive but there is a catch, not many online trading service providers let you trade in all of them. There are only a few providers letting you trade with multiple trading assets and learn about each one of them over time. If you are ambitious and want to have access to all major assets, you can enlighten yourself from my Richardson Lewis review.

Trading Assets

Before I begin talking about any other attribute or what the platform has to offer, I should get to the point mentioning the trading assets. The service provider lets you trade in all major trading assets whether they fall under cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, forex, and even indices.

This is to ensure that your trades never turn bored and you keep enjoying your trades with the platform. By providing you with all major types of trading instruments, the platform grants you with full control over your trading portfolio.

You can choose the asset you like and can start trading as soon as you feel the need to. Remember, Richardson Lewis teams have your back so they will support you whenever you need their help.

Trading Accounts

If you think that the platform is limited to offering a wide range of trading assets, then I’m sure this part will take you by surprise. With the provider, you have access to multiple trading accounts as well. The list of accounts starts from Micro and goes all the way up to Platinum trading account, making it a total of six accounts.

Each account is a representation of trading market experience and the ability to handle a wide range of services and facilities. If you want to start from scratch, you start with Micro and climb your way to the Platinum until you have become an expert in trading.

Services and Facilities

Each account unlocks a higher level of services and facilities for you to choose. However, you gain access to general services and facilities regardless of the account you choose.

You gain access to all the trading assets, market alerts, market news, loyalty points, leverage trades, and so much more.

For your profile grooming, Richardson Lewis offers its help you by assigning a personal account manager, who is always there to offer his support and guidance when needed the most.

Trading Platform

The platform’s trading platform is also very unique and advanced. The first benefit is the platform being web-based, meaning you don’t have to download it. You can access from any kind of operating system that supports a web-browser and start performing trades.

Some of the most prominent and popular features/tools of the platform are its advanced reporting system, charts, graphs, and daily market alerts. The platform can also offer you automated trading option, help generate historical reports, offer trading signals, and so much more.


Richardson Lewis is very firm and clear when it comes to the compliance of regulations. If you are willing to adhere to the KYC and AML policies, you are gladly welcome by the firm, otherwise you are not. The platform strives to provide you with a professional and secure trading platform and needs your support to make it happen.

Transaction Security

The moment you become part of the platform, your personal and financial data is heavily protected. It is kept secure with encryptions so no trespasser or unwanted person can gain access to your sensitive information. The firm has acquired an SSL Security Certification to assure you that your data is not going into the wrong hands.

Customer Support

The most important aspect of any service provider is to offer a customer support that lives up to the firm’s reputation. Richardson Lewis does it with the help of a highly competent, experienced, and ambitious customer support team.

They are always ready to take your queries and answer them with full responsibility and details. You can get in touch with them through email or landline for their prompt response.

Ending Thoughts

You may be thinking that you have already learned so much about online trading market but trust me, you have not. Things will change the moment you step into the online trading world for real. Therefore, you have to be very active, focused, and do not have high hopes too early. Take your time, learn, grasp, and trade. Over time, you will understand the market and will be able to make profitable decisions.


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