IGI Markets Review – Should You Trust This Platform

Many traders wonder how they can tell whether a platform is trustworthy or not. I believe that the one major factor responsible for determining a platform’s reliability is security. If you are looking for a reliable trading platform, you should opt for the one with maximum security policies and features. In this IGI Markets review, I will explain why traders should trust this platform.

IGI Markets offers a wide range of Security features to the trader. Unlike other trading platforms, they don’t protect your data with one security policy. Yes, that’s true. But, they have a different policy for each trading aspect. For instance, they have SSL security certificates, AML and KYC policies. Let’s learn how these policies provide security to traders.

Transparent Trading Experience

Often traders complain that the platform they use for trading doesn’t share complete information. The major problem that they encounter is false payment terms. Many brokers claim that they offer their services on a fixed yearly budget. They declare that there would be no transaction charges, but when you trade for the first time, they take transaction charges. Some charge the entire amount during the registration process. But, after a while, the platform starts charging for other facilities.

On the other hand, IGI Markets doesn’t take hidden charges. With this broker, you have to pay what you commit during registration. Their terms and conditions and policies are transparent, which means everything is in front of you. So, if you want a secured and transparent trading experience, you should register with IGI Markets.

AML and KYC Policies

AML and KYC policies are must-haves in a platform to keep you secure. If a broker complies with these policies, they have authentic traders on their platform. Also, it indicates that the platform is safe from money laundering and other illegal activities.

AML or Anti-money laundering compliance prevents financial crime where criminals store their illegitimate income on different platforms. The policy refers to the preventive laws that avoid money laundering from the platform.

Meanwhile, KYC or Know Your Customer policy prevents identity theft and fraud on a platform. If a platform complies with KYC policy, it indicates that it has its traders’ personal information. In other words, these platforms remain legitimate and transparent.

IGI Markets comply with AML and KYC policies. This means that registering with this platform will offer mental peace to you. When you are sure that the platforms you use for trading don’t appreciate illegitimate activities through their platforms, you can focus on your trades. In this situation, your goal would be to make successful traders rather than to keep your funds safe.

SSL Security Certificate

SSL protects your data from skimmers and hackers. The major role of an SSL certificate is to encrypt communication between server and client. A website with a lock symbol with its website address protects the clients’ information.

Another benefit of an SSL security certificate is the authenticity of a website. When a trading platform has an SSL certificate, they are reliable. Many traders lost hundreds and thousands of dollars by choosing untrustworthy platforms. Now that you know about SSL certificates, you should always check the lock symbol before getting registered.

Fortunately, IGI Markets secure their traders with an SSL certificate. They added the latest security tools and technology to protect their traders. The team behind this platform ensures that their interface offers mental peace to their traders. That’s why they use every helpful security features they can add. Also, it clearly states that the broker wants to keep the platform safe and secure.

Bottom Line

Considering the security mentioned above features by IGI Markets, we can say that it is a reliable platform. The platform creates a transparent and legitimate connection with its users, so they can come again for their trades. Since they are using the latest tools to protect traders’ data and prevent illegitimate people from accessing the tool, I can recommend it to my readers.


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